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To Find Your Path and Reach Your Personal Potential...

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''In just a little time, I have found that it improves my days and thoughts and purposes. I'm loving it!"

Suzanne J.

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The 5 Daily Steps to Reaching Your Personal Potential!

(And teaching your kids how to reach theirs)


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    About The Author

    Karen believes that each person has incredible potential along with unique gifts, circumstances, relationships, ways of thinking, and experiences that allow them to do a work for the world that no one else can do.

    She created the Warrior Journey Program so that people could live more in alignment with their personal path. She was tired of the cookie-cutter way many try to educate, and she wanted to help each person see that they have the ability to grow in their unique way as they learn to create the right environment for that growth.

    Karen's path has led her to helping people create systems in their life that free their mind for creative work because they love and see those around them.

    In that work, she has created this program, started a school, plans service trips to Mexico, and runs a nonprofit dedicated to helping each individual see and live his/her divine potential.


    This 5-Step Guide is the Key to

    Staying motivated to do what is best for you and teaching your kids to do the same by:


    Understanding the most important tasks for you (and for your kids) to focus on each day.


    Lighting a spark of purpose and follow-through so there is no need to nag (at yourself or your kids) to do chores, tasks, or assignments.


    Developing strong relationships with God, your family, and others

    so you can live in a present, open, and focused way each day.

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     Begin now to implement the systems, tiny habits, and principles that will lead you to living your incredible potential.

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